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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Solutions Companies - 2022

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a promising social platform to capitalize on and generate leads and sales. Marketers who use Instagram enjoy multiple benefits such as insights and feedback from customers, high engagement rates, trackable leads and the opportunity to reach untapped audiences that others are missing.

At the same time, marketers seeking to make their presence on the global platform often face challenges in using Instagram to their business's advantage. With Instagram influencer marketing, in particular, there are a few challenges and problems that have become prevalent with time, from finding the right influencer and keeping track of their activities to spotting imposters, measuring performance and managing marketing expenses.

To begin with, influencers often post about a range of topics that interest them. This can be travel, fashion, living with diabetes or the pandemic puppy boom — plus anything else that captures their attention. An influencer can be a father, pet lover, travel aficionado, sports star and foodie at the same time. Would you categorize them into parenthood, lifestyle or sports, and should you be focusing on categories in the first place? Also, is it better to use an influencer platform showcasing thousands of different profiles or a talent agency that is plugged into the market? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right influencer and the choice depends on niche, budget and whether what you need is marketing at scale.

Social media influencers who are rising on the success ladder might not always do justice to the campaigns. In many cases, the influencers’ sponsored content fails to generate the desired engagement rate because it does not convey the brand message properly. Another reason for this is that users are all the more skeptical about sponsored posts which further creates a problem for brands and influencers.

With the right research and usage of influencer marketing tools, it is possible to overcome the challenges of influencer marketing. Make sure you plan your campaigns by taking into consideration crucial metrics and external factors such as competition and user behaviour. This will help you get the most out of influencer campaigns.

We present to you, “Top 10 Influencer Marketing Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Influencer Marketing Solutions Companies

  • CIPIO is on a mission to democratize Organic Marketing. enables brands to uncover, engage, and activate their powerful raving fans in their own community to increase sales, retention, and engagement. Leading brands like World’s Gym, Xponential, FitnessSF, BioVanta, Darkhorse Rowing, Dlish, and many more have seen a dramatic increase in Brand Awareness and New Sales through this robust community of customers, social media followers, employees, partners, suppliers, advisors, investors, and more. CIPIO’s platform is powered by patent-pending algorithms that automatically uncover hidden gems in the community, trends, behavior, and patterns from trillions of images, captions, hashtags, and content.

  • The company is a marketing technology company that offers software and professional services to help brands collaborate and transact with the full spectrum of today’s top social influencers and content creators. Back in 2006, the company launched its SaaS-based influencer marketing platform that has witnessed more than 4 million transactions between online buyers and sellers so far. In fact, a plethora of leading brands and agencies partner with IZEA to increase digital engagement, spread the brand voice, and drive RoI.

  • Mavrck’s all-in-one platform allows marketers to find and activate relevant influencers to create content across different social media channels.

  • Post For Rent provides a one-stop-shop platform that offers services for brands and agencies to organize and simplify all their processes related to influencer marketing. The platform offers influencer discovery and profiling, easy contracting, and all the tools and features needed to run successful campaigns. Post For Rent helps brands and agencies find influencers and close deals with them in the easiest way possible. Brands are provided with the opportunity to verify the influencer’s credibility, audience interest and engagement rate, brand affinity, and demographics and determine whether the influencer is suitable for the campaign or not. Post For Rent also ensures the influencer community is given the means to connect with the brands through a company application.

  • Veritone One helps brands optimize their ad campaigns and make strategic choices in media buying, planning, and creative execution to achieve the best CPA and ROI for their business. This holistic approach involves choosing the right channels for messaging to the right person at the right time, developing a creative strategy to attract customers, at the same time, leveraging AI to measure and act on KPIs, with a focus on business outcomes.

  • The award-winning video game PR and marketing agency understands all the nuances of the gaming industry and undertakes a data-driven approach to offer superior PR and marketing solutions for game developers, publishers, and tech companies. Vicarious PR comprises former game journalists and influencers. The team helps clients in establishing and maintaining better communication with its publics by tailoring its services according to clients’ requirements. Additionally, Vicarious PR follows specific criteria while selecting the journalist/influencer to promote a game. It evaluates various game journalists and influencers to determine and select those who can surely bring in the right audience for a specific game.

  • eaeo global

    eaeo global

    eaeo global understands that there’s no one size fits all in marketing, so everything they do is tailored to specific client. This kind of insight thrives on close collaboration – and that’s how they spend a lot of their time, so that they understand what clients need and then channel their expertise to successfully deliver it. They pride themselves on delivering campaigns that truly enhance your marketing objectives through the curated power of influence.

  • GC Social Media Marketing

    GC Social Media Marketing

    GC Social Media marketing is the best marketing platform to connect advertisers and influencers in the gaming industry. In today’s market, creating a digital presence for yourself is completely mandatory. With all of the influencers and advertisers swarming the internet, it’s important that you know how to correctly market your game and understand your target audience. Their network of influencers is proven to provide the best performance for your marketing budget.

  • NeoReach


    Neoreach provides best-in-class search, data management, and tracking with enterprise-grade analytics. Create effective data campaigns at scale. NeoReach offers tech-enabled services for Fortune 1000 brands and agencies to automate influencer marketing. Their SaaS platform enables marketing teams to search through 3M+ influencer profiles, analyze their audience demographics, seamlessly manage large-scale campaigns, and measure their ROI.

  • Tagger


    Tagger is a powerful, intuitive, end-to-end influencer marketing and social listening platform revolutionizing the industry. With direct relationships with all major social media platforms, as well as exclusive access to billions of valuable data points, Tagger provides users with invaluable discovery capabilities, research and analytics, and customizable reports. The platform allows brands, agencies, and media companies to plan campaigns, measure popularity using social listening, discover and activate influencers, and report what matters most.